My Favourite Recipes: Vietnamese


Mix batter ingredients 1 to 6 and put to one side.

Prepare sauce from next 7 ingredients: grind garlic and chilli in mortar, add sugar, lime juice, vinegar, fish sauce and carrot.

In wok, stir fry onion and garlic quickly until starting to colour, add pork and cook till nearly done, add prawns and cook till done, then add bean sprouts and other ingredients and stir briefly, put to one side.

Fry 4 tbs batter per pancake, swirled around frying pan (I use a smallish omelette pan), approximately 80 seconds per side. Have a plate ready in a warmed oven, separate each pancake with silicon paper.

To serve, place small amount of pork mix on pancake, generously sprinkle with mint, and douse with sauce making sure plenty of carrot too. Roll up and serve.

The lettuce leaves should be used separately to wrap mouthfuls of pancake and then dipped in dressing by the diner... although I prefer to tear the lettuce up and include it inside the pancake, with the dressing.
  Banh Xeo
Sizzling Pancakes


1 cup Rice Flour (1 cup)
125 ml Coconut Milk (0.5 cup)
250 ml Water (1 cup)
0.5 tsp Salt
0.5 tsp Sugar*
1 tsp Turmeric
1 clove Garlic*
1 Large Red Chilli
2 tbs Sugar*
2 tbs Lime Juice
4 tbs Rice Vinegar
4 tbs Fish Sauce*
1 Carrot, finely julienned
0.5 Onion, sliced
2 cloves Garlic (optional)*
60 g Pork, thinly sliced
60 g Prawns (raw or cooked)
40 g Bean Sprouts
0.5 tsp Sugar*
1 tsp Fish Sauce*
0.5 tsp White Pepper
Bunch Mint, leaves picked and torn
0.5 head Lettuce, individual leaves
* These ingredients appear
more than once
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Nicole Routier
Vatcharin Bhumichitr
Street Café
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Lonely Planet
Andrea Nguyen
BatterRice Flour1 cup1 cup115g225g1.5 cups1 cup375gRice Flour
Raw Jasmine Rice1 cupRaw Jasmine Rice
Cooked Rice2 tbsCooked Rice
Mung Bean0.5 cup, soaked1 tbsMung Bean
Turmeric0.25 tsp1 tsppinch1 tsp (guess)0.5 tspTurmeric
Curry PowderCurry Powder
Cumin0.5 tspCumin
Saffron1 tspSaffron
Coconut Milk0.5 cup2 cup0.5 cup800ml0.25 cupCoconut Milk
Water2 cup450ml360ml375ml750 ml1.75 cupsWater
Oil2 tbsOil
Spring Onion0.75 cup0.33 cup41Spring Onion
Sugar1 tbs0.5 tsp1 tspSugar
Salt0.25 tsp0.5 tsp0.5 tsppinch0.75 tspSalt
FillingOnion160g0.521 smOnion
Pork225g belly115g60g mince/60g pork85g raw225g3 strips250g335g mincePork
Prawn121260g115g cooked225g100g500g115gPrawn
Bean Sprouts450g225g60g650g0.5 cup4 handfuls4 cupsBean Sprouts
Mung Bean225g dried0.25 cup soak55g0.25 cup1 cup steamMung Bean
Straw Mush0.5 cup1 canStraw Mush
Wood Ear MushWood Ear Mush
Dried ShiitakeDried Shiitake
Fish Sauce2 tbsFish Sauce
Pepper0.25 tsp whitePepper
Garlic2 clGarlic
Sugar0.25 tsp1 tspSugar
Spring Onion0.25 cupSpring Onion
Accompaniment lettuce/cueveg platterlettucesaladlettucelettuceveg garnish 
 nuoc chamnuoc chamnuoc chamsoy dipnuoc mambasic dipping 
DressingLime Juice0.5 lime2 tbs0.5 cup1 tbs0.25 lime0.33 cupLime Juice
White Vinegar1 tbs2 tbs2 tbs1 tsp1 tbsWhite Vinegar
Sugar1 tsp2 tbs1 tsp5 tbs1 tsp2 tsp3 tbsSugar
Water1 tbs3 tbs0.25 cup2.5 tbs0.66 cupWater
Fish Sauce4 tbs0.25 cup2 tbs0.33 cup2 tbs2 tbs5 tbsFish Sauce
Chillies3/4 in1 sm thai2 large1 sm thai1 red1 red2 sm thaiChillies
Garlic1 cl2 cl1 cl2 cl1 cl2 clGarlic
Mint20 leavesMint