Veggie packed lunch

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Veggie packed lunch

Postby DEB » Sat May 31, 2014 7:26 pm


I need to take a packed lunch to work everyday. I can store food in the fridge and use of a kettle, but have no microwave. I have run out of ideas, and wish to reduce the amount of cheese I eat.

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Re: Veggie packed lunch

Postby jeral » Sat May 31, 2014 8:51 pm

One of my favourites is celery/apple/nut with a creme fraiche or yoghurt or milky salad cream dressing, plus minty or pesto'd salad spuds. (Pound shops sell small pots.)

Homemade mushroom pate, or spinach/(V)parmesan pate (doesn't need much cheese) or hummous or guacamole now that avocados in season, or tom or fruit salsa plus granary bread or half-wholemeal rolls or crackers.

Different salads like rocket/orange/walnut with vinaigrette or tailored dressing. Radishes add puchy flavour without the side effect of salad onions and garlic breath ;)

Chopped egg/mayonnaise & fresh tomato plus spuds/rolls.

Banana sandwiches (make up at work).

Home made veg samosas are OK cold by me. Can buy veg ones although they're too spicy for me.

Homemade shortcrust pasties or quiches. (Sundried toms, basil, green olives are useful for flavour hits.)

Vol au vents or turnovers if you don't mind cold flaky pastry.

Mixed fruit/nut muesli & (V) yoghurt, then mixed salad or salad sandwich.

Ratatouille and some homemade pasta sauces are good cold. Add tinned artichoke hearts or black olives, or raw kohl rabi thinly sliced, for crunch. (I don't carry the actual pasta if no fridge in work kitchen, but I read you have a fridge.)

Cold vanilla or mocha custard (it'll keep overnight) stored in small lidded pot(s) with fresh fruit, or tinned for variations, or made up as trifles. Or mousse.

Apple/fruit pie, or doughnuts or bread pudding if you need filling up :)

Date or (dried) fig slices (made as traybake) with shortcrust bottom & crumble top. (I've got a recipe somewhere...)

I'm allergic to cheese & butter so it never figures in anything. I've tried yeast flakes and vegan cheese (sheese) - you might like them, not sure I do. The mature "Cheddar" sheese was OK-ish to be fair.

Mind you, I'm not veggie as I eat fish sometimes. Just clarifying but it doesn't affect above suggestions as deffo no animal or fish products in any of them.

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