Napoli Baccalà Frecole (Cod Fish With Hazelnuts )

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Napoli Baccalà Frecole (Cod Fish With Hazelnuts )

Postby Alexandria » Thu May 03, 2018 11:40 pm

In the Napolitano dialect, Frecole signifies bread crumbs ..

This plate is very common in Avellino, Campagna and is usually prepared during the Christmas season in Avellino and Naples, however, we are grand fans of the dish so we make it when the codfish if wild and fresh ..

For 4 Persons:
500 Grams of fresh codfish ( no salt cod )
1OO Grams of Hazelnuts shelled or Pistachios or Walnuts or Almonds (all shelled )
200 Grams of day old baguette style bread ( one can add a bit of Chick Pea Flour to the Mixture as it is not porous and shall prevent the oil from entering into the fish being sautéed )
2 cloves of minced garlic
30 grams of orégano
3 Tablespoons of Evoo, Preferably Italian for this dish
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Fresh Minced Parsley ( a few sprigs with leaves, 4 or 5 and mince )

1) Have the Fish Monger slice the fish into thick cubes ..
2) After rinsing the fish, pat dry and place on kitchen paper towelling ..
3) Shell the nuts and pound in a mortar with pestle or via Stand Up Mixer ..
4) Add the bread crumbs, the flour, minced garlic, oregano and the parlsey in to this mixture ..
5) Now, add the Evoo to an earthenware of skillet of choice, and dip the fish into 2 lightly beaten eggs and then into the bread crumb mixture and sauté until golden on both sides, using thongs to turn over ..

Or: Oven bake if you prefer on a well greased cookie sheet or in an oven proof earthenware or glass casserole ..

Simply exceptionally lovely .. Serve with a tri color salad and / or an angel hair pasta ..
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